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2010 Pre-Holiday and Gift Party Benefit
The Caring Kids Pre-Holiday and Gift Party was a first-time event sponsored by long-time supporters of the ministry, Susanne Bartlett and John Moran. The Pre-Holiday and Gift Party benefit was designed to help as many families with children in need during the 2010 Christmas season and what a success it was! Many guests of the couple were invited and every one of them took part in a combined effort to lend a helping hand. Guests came bearing loads of gifts for the many families adopted. It was a great event! See pictures below...
Caring Kids Pre-Holiday and Gift Party Attendees
Bartlett & Moran plus Caring Kids equals a winning team!
Members of Team Bartlet
Members of Team Bartlett & Moran, helping multiple families in need, one member at a time.
Gifts at the Party
Gifts at the Party
2010 Miss Charity Rose and Mr. Charity Winners Circle
2010 Miss Charity Rose and Mr. Charity Winners Circle

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